Making A Big Splash!

Any and all comments are welcomed!

Canon EOS 700D
F100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM

1/320th, f/7.1, ISO 400, 400mm

Taken at Cave Hill Cemetery pond in Louisville. Having some light rain at the time. I could be wrong, I think this is a Muscovy Duck. If anyone knows for sure, please say.

I think I could have improved on the white feathers, seems a bit ‘hot’.



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I love the splashes and the face looks nice and sharp, Jim. Afraid I can’t help with the duck ID-it certainly looks like a domestic or domestic cross of some kind. I think I’m seeing detail in the whites, so I don’t think they’re really blown. Did you try pulling down the highlights in your RAW processor? It can be tricky to pull detail out of them without going too gray, but here are some ways of doing it. Topaz Detail has a separate “highlights” menu with some presets that work fairly well and you can tweak the sliders on all of their default values. I believe it’s part of their free Studio package.

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Thank you Dennis. Always glad for your comments and suggestions. Unfortunately I stopped shooting Raw because the version of Photoshop that I have isn’t compatible with my newest cameras raw file format. So i settled on Tiff. First thing I do is convert JPEG to Tiff when I download my photos from the card. Have a good one Dennis.

Interesting point, Jim. You should be able to download the Canon Raw software and use it to do your RAW processing. Some people actually prefer it. It would help a lot. You lose so much information at both ends shooting jpegs.