Mellow Yellow Bee

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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Hi again Kelly -
Another eye-catcher for sure, but guidelines here on NPN are to post one image per category per day. I’ll leave this one here, but please just drop one at a time in future.

Adding some data about the camera and settings is helpful when there are issues like the one in this shot. The details are really smudged - I don’t know if it’s from camera movement, subject movement (like wind or the bee moving) or both. The subject is charming, though and I’d like to help you get some tack sharp shots if we can have a little back and forth. I’m sure others will chime in, too, so stay tuned.

And feel free to check out this page for more helpful tips and info - FAQ / Guidelines

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Oh, I am so sorry. I just started using NPN so I’m learning. I had 2 other coneflower shots. I would rather leave one of those up. The Mellow Yellow Bee was taken a year or so ago when I had just started getting into photography.

I could put the other coneflower pictures in showcase?

Thank you for responding.

No worries…it’s a bit of a learning curve around here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you’d like to discuss this one I can leave it up. As I said, some info about the technical aspect would help us in figuring out how to make it better. If not, I can either move it to Showcase or take it down and you can repost when you’re ready.

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Kelly: I especially like your comp here and the bee party crasher is a nice bonus. Again, welcome aboard and keep posting. >=))>

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Tack sharp… both bee and flower. Beautiful color and composition. Nicely done.

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Thank you all for your responses. This picture is almost a year old. From back when I was just learning my camera and had just gotten into photography.
Without knowing the rules, I had posted 2 or 3 pictures. I was notified of the rules and this was the one that was the one that was chosen, not by me, to stay for critique.
I feel like I have come so much further in my knowledge of photography.
I will be adding lots of pictures soon.
I appreciate all of the comments and suggestions. I just happened to stumble on this site and I am so glad I did.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome.