Miniature Lupine, Small-flower Lupine, Two-color Lupin, too many names!

The scientific name is Lupinus bicolor. The book says these can get 16 inches tall, but I’ve yet to see that on my property. This one was about 4. The blossoms are about the size of a BB. It’s a native annual that comes up in compacted areas near our driveway. I’d been hoping to do a focus stack, but there was too much breeze for that this morning, so this is a single image at f/16.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Anything. I did some background cleanup, removed a grass blade that I thought was too intrusive and straightened the image a bit which required a touch of content-aware fill. That didn’t work out too well in the lower left, so I had to go back and do it by hand. If you notice any irregularities down there, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Anything. I’m a bit hesitant about the minimal room at the top, but it’s already tall enough for my taste and I don’t want to chop off the bottom above the fork in the stem.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

5DIII, EF180 mm f/3.5 macro, tripod with center column reversed to get the camera nice and low, f/16, 1/250, iso 1000, manual exposure, manual focus. Processed in LR & PS CC. See above for manipulation on the background.

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Dennis: I like this a lot and think the room at the top is just right. The OOF flower does pull my eye a bit. I did some CA and cloning work to make it go away. Your thoughts? Still a wonderful find and a fine capture. >=))>

Bill took care of my only nit. The OOF flower pulled my eyes away from the sharp flowers at the top of the image. Other than that, a nice look at this lupine…Jim

Thanks, Bill. That oof blossom bothered me a bit as well, but I wasn’t too onfident about cloning it successfully. I’ll have to give it a try.

Here’s a repost with @Bill_Fach suggestion incorporated (or should I say removed).

Thanks for the boot!

Dennis: Really nice work on the repost; much better than what I came up with. :+1: :+1:>=))>

Hi Dennis, a good photo of an interesting flower that I see for the first time. Bill’s advice are always helpful and I love the second version.

A delicate, sweet image, Dennis. I must admit the oof flower has not really bothered me ( I tend to leave things in wherever possible ) though I can see the reasons for removing it. The bg makes this a specially fine image.

Dennis, for me speaks the color in the whole image

Soft and delicate take on a field of flowers. You isolated this particular flower nicely, while retaining the effect of it being wild in a large field. Very soothing yet impactful.

I’m coming in late on this one, Dennis, but this is a very lovely image. Your repost improved what I thought was a pretty nice shot.