Misty Garden

It has been a while since I have posted as I have not had much time for photography over the last year or so. I recently returned from a trip to the Smokies & the Blue Ridge Parkway.

These kind of scenes are plentiful in the high elevations of the Blue Ridge Parkway; however, this is the first year that I feel like I came away with a strong composition.

I like the way that the three evergreen trees compliment the catawba rhododendron blooms. The fog added to the mood, helped simplify the scene and also served as a natural diffuser for the light.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments and critiques are welcome. I’m especially interested in feedback on the composition.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
15 mm
1/13 sec @ f/11; ISO 500 (because it was getting dark - about 45 mins before sunset with fairly dense fog)

Processing was straight forward with tonal adjustments in Lightroom as well as some adjustments to clarity and dehaze.

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Even before you asked, I was going to comment that I liked the composition. Nice near-far tension and it definitely keeps my eyes moving in a nice way.

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Hi Brian.
I think this is a lovely image and I particularly like the composition. I feel the colour of the flowers leads you to the three trees and the negative space provided by the fog keeps you interested in the centre.
Hope this outing has given you the bug to keep getting out again.

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Strong composition Brian. The 3 trees works well tme. Initially I thought the lower 1/4 did not add to the image but changed my mind as it balances the image . Nice work…keep coming back!

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Excellent composition Brian, nice work. The 3 trees work well, by fading into the distance they enhance the sense of depth. I think including the area below the rhodies works very well too, the almost radial look of the vegetation helps point the viewer to the flowers. The colors look very lush and vibrant. Overall, no nits from me, this image is very well done.

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Thank you @Tony_Kuyper, @Sammi_Wilson, @Mario_Cornacchione, and @Ed_McGuirk. I appreciate your feedback and I’m glad that this image resonated well with you all.

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