Misty Morning

This is Heceta Head on the central Oregon coast. I spent many summers at my grandmother’s house in Yachats a few miles to the north as a boy and Chrissy and I revisit often although the old house is not in the family anymore. The keeper’s house is a bed and breakfast now. We’ve stayed there once and can recommend it whole heartedly. On this trip we were staying in Yachats but I make it a point to get to the head for sunrise hoping for a scene like this. All comments welcome. >=))>

Specific Feedback Requested

Had to struggle with the white balance. The original was way too blue.

Technical Details

Sony A77
Minolta 24-85 @ 60mm
ISO 50, 1/30 @ f11

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@Bill_Fach If I’m in the area here again, I’ll have to try to get there at a better time of day. The atmosphere is great and accents the subject because this weather is a good use case for a lighthouse. :slight_smile: I like the light on the keeper’s house as well.

Thanks for the tip on staying there. The location is obviously great.

Hi Bill
Your farming definitely sells the Oregon coast and works as a postcard. You may want to look at reducing the fog some to keep the warm cozy feel.

One of my favorite places on the Oregon coast, Bill. Excellent post-card.

Bill this looks great. I’m especially attracted to how the house on the right and the lighthouse show through the fog. You’ve got a fine mood. There is a dust bunny near the left edge across from the lighthouse.

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Hi Bill, this is a very attractive and moody capture. The lighthouse and other buildings seem to be suspended in the fog and I had to study it closely to identify. I wonder if a slower shutter speed would create some interesting effects on the water movement.

Fog is tough to do right… This is a nice effort, just enough clarity for the house and lighthouse.
I might warm it up a tad…