Mohawk Falls

Mohawk Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park, PA

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This is nice, nice foggy mood and nice SS.
I could see a Landscape crop of the bottom of the image with just the falls…

This is a lovely version of Mohawk Falls, Mike. The lush greens compliment the light fog rather nicely and make me feel as though I am there. I am really enjoying the mood here. My only suggestion would be to clone out that black curvy thing about 1/4 of the way down from the top of the frame. We have to get back up there sometime!

Mike, the lushness with all of the spring greens and the fog create a fine contemplative mood. Photographic vision is fascinating, since I saw this falls a month ago and kept right on walking… I see two black “curvy things”, the one Ed points out and another one at the top near the right. I’m thinking that there were bugs sitting on your lens. :grin:

I too love the atmosphere you got with this shot Mike. The fog gives this image the perfect mood. Not sure you could pull this off without fog in this scene. I also see 2 curvy little bug like things. Upper right quadrant way up near the top and upper left quadrant about a third of the way from the left edge and a third of the way down from the top. Other than that, I can’t really offer up anything other than maybe dodging some of the moss to make it pop just a little bit but not necessary.

Beautiful falls and atmosphere Michael. There’s enough “mood” there that I could see adding a touch of clarity to the darker tones, while keeping the glow in the lighter, to provide just a little sharpness contrast. There may be a touch of a green cast? I like it in the greenery, but you might play with removing it from the less-green parts of the image. Here’s an example of those two ideas:

Great mood in this shot. The fog is a great compliment to the falls. The diagonal flow in the composition works well for me as well.