WC # 888 Shawnee Falls

Ricketts Glen State Park, PA

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Just gorgeous! The vibrant greens are wonderful, pushing the edge in brilliance but beautiful as presented.

I love the contrasts, both in luminosity and the colors; the golds in the beautifully layered rock sandwhiched between the greens and the whites of the falls.

Beautiful image.


The greens are so lush in this scene that it looks like something straight out of the PNW, Mike. The stair stepping in the rock formations is lovely, particularly in the areas where the falls is cascading over them. This is being super nit picky because I did not notice it until I opened the large version, but there is a tree in the URC along the edge that I would clone out. This is a wonderful image.

Michael, this is gorgeous. I like how you framed the bottom right to include the little blooms. The color palette works nicely giving the whites a clean look, and attractive with all the green. Maybe a little too green, but guess that’s a matter of taste. Not knowing the area, I initially wondered why you didn’t frame toward the left a little. But after reviewing images elsewhere I notice that the large deadfall becomes more of a distraction as you pan left.

I like your choice of shutter speed, whatever it was, because from this more generous distance and with more delicate cascades, one can afford to go with longer exposures, and your result is beautiful. Speaking of shutter speed, many folks don’t post camera settings, but I think the basics are always helpful, especially for the benefit of less advanced shooters like me. Overall this is a top notch presentation, and glad that I stopped by.

Great image, Michael. I like the greens and the lighter to darker front right to upper left. It almost makes an X with the falls. I also like the rounded rock formation and then having it covered in the water flow. It adds a lot of texture.

Well composed with effective leading lines, I like the details in the limestone steps. The greens are really intense in a good way.

Michael: What Lon said! Beautiful scene superbly composed, captured and rendered. >=))>

Flat out lovely Michael!

Wow, Michael, Ricketts Glen wearing bright spring greens. Love the green surroundings, the flow over the falls and the “topo map” rocks near the bottom.

Amazing shot, Michael! Great job getting the columbines sharp… They always seem to dance for me.