Monk Parakeet

This is one of several parrot species seen during my Brazil tour a few months back. This shot was a pleasant surprise in a couple ways. First, to catch it carrying off this potential meal, but also the fact that this is a pretty heavy crop. On the R5 I still had enough detail to get a decent image out of it.

This is the type of composition that won’t appeal to everyone. Many have a tendency to prefer more room in front of the profiled subject. I am not opposed, however, to leaving more room behind sometimes… with BiF it often helps convey a better sense of speed (the bird is “zooming out of the frame”), and in this case with the grass trailing backward, I think the eye is directed to the right anyway.

Canon R5
Canon 600mm EF
ISO 640




The Parakeet is great and with the grass in the beak, trailing under the bird, it makes for a compelling flight image.

I’m not 100% sold on the crop but understand what you’ve described.

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HI Max
The framing is interesting, I had to stop and think and maybe learn something for it. I only wish the Parakeet was bigger in the frame. The coloring and feather detail looks really nice.

I only wish the Parakeet was bigger in the frame.

To be fair, this is a tiny parakeet! :laughing:

Tiny or not, the catch is terrific. I agree that a traditional crop with room for the bird to move into is what most would go for, but I see the case for it here. Bird on a mission. No time to wait. Can’t be hanging around. Bird business! I think this conveys that well.

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The bird and its building material stand out very nicely from the background, and I like the overall colours a lot. I also appreciate your choice of composition, so in all a fine image ! Cheers, Hans

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A fine image, Max. The choice of composition is interesting and I think it works, though I’d be tempted to take just a bit more off the right.

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