Monsoonal Fortress

So Cal deserts have had the longest lasting and hardest hitting monsoonal season this summer than any I can recall in the past.
There was major flash flooding throughout many desert areas with severe damage in Death Valley N.P. with a park closure due to the damage.
This image shows an area where flash flooding occurred in Joshua Tree N.P. JTNP had some road closures off and on during the season too. This large rock formation was in the path of a downhill flow and had diversion flow to both sides.

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya 37mm lens - Ektachrome E-100.

Paul, the shape of the rocks is great and suggests (at least to me) major water erosion. The flood effects show nicely in the sand as well as the big log near the right edge. This is the most fascinating rock formation that I’ve seen in your JTNP posts, with a great sky backing it up.

What a great formation and the sculpting by the water is awesome. I like the slight pink in the sky as well,

Very cool rocks, Paul. The right one has a skull-like look. Well composed to show off the desert setting with a fine backdrop sky. Real nice.

Great scene showing the flow of water, Paul. The colors are beautiful throughout. I love JTNP and am glad you saw this and posted it for us to enjoy.

@Mark_Seaver @Dan_Kearl @Harley_Goldman @Mark_Muller Thank you all. I sincerely appreciate your reviews and comments.
The ongoing monsoonal rains has provided some well needed precipitation to the entire park. I’ve been making my way around the area over the last few weeks and the greening of the vegetation is truly noticeable.

First of all, very cool rock formation. Don’t know how long I’d stand underneath that arrangement. :slight_smile: I definitely see the flow where all the water came through. You don’t see this often if ever out there. Yeah, it has been a monsoonal season unlike any other that I can recall and I’ve lived here my whole life. You have a great sky to go with those rocks. The green vegetation is the icing on the cake. Nice job, Paul.

Hi David, thank you for your comment. As we know, JTNP has lots of rock formations and many are a bit contorted like this one. As much as monsoons dropped a decent amount of water unfortunately the extreme heat lately has already dampened that gain.