Monterey Coast w Repost


Took this while driving along the Monterey Coast last year. The skies were perfect for some black and white long exposure photography.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all.

Technical Details

Leica M10M. f/16, 1.5 sec, ISO 400. Summicron 35mm f/2.

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I bet that was a peaceful experience!
I’m drawn to the right 2/3 mostly and not at all the left 1/3 so perhaps a crop could help to emphasize that part of the image a bit more?

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Thanks for the feedback, @Matt_Payne . I was feeling like it was a bit unbalanced but I was curious to see what others thought. Here’s a different crop. I played around with 4x5, 5x7, but ultimately kept it 2x3 and nixed a bit of the sky along with the left side. I will continue to play around with it some more.


Yeah that is starting to feel a lot better to me. =)

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David, I really like the B&W tonalities you have here. That sky is awesome too. I think the crop works quite well to as it provides a focus and a balance to the whole. Nicely done.

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Hi David. I also like the crop best. In the first the light color of the central rock formation feels like it overwhelms the rest of the image, but in the cropped version it is part of the likes that take you through the shot.

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Thanks @David_Bostock

@Cameron_Wilcox I didn’t see that, but after reading your comments, it does feel like that lighter formation steals the show in the initial crop. Thanks for the feedback!

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The cropped version works well David. I also like the B&W tonal range that you have achieved.

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I love and appreciate this image - in many ways. I’ve probably been on this drive nearly as many times as I’ve been to Yosemite. And dang it, if this isn’t a viewpoint that I’ve ever photographed (hint for me…) Love this viewpoint and perspective. Your choice of b&w here is perfect, especially given the sky and conditions as you described. This part of the coast usually enjoys bluebird skies much of the time and it’s great that you were there for this sky - which was perfect for the b&w treatment.

I prefer the original. This is grand and classic view of the Monterey/Pacific Grove coast and Monterey Bay. Cropping for me diminishes the scenic value you’ve captured and presented. And this is really getting in to the weeds, but I like the sky uncropped as well. As you crop down some on the sky, the slope of the mountain range starts to give the image a sense of rotation. With more space up top, I don’t get that sense.

Also, the original allows some breathing room for the water motion from the long exposure in the LL quadrant.

The only suggestion I have would be to up the shadow values, if possible. The darker areas seem to keep the eye from moving around the frame and exploring all the details of the rugged coastline.

A wonderful image - a slight bias from me as both my parents are scattered in open water off Lover’s Point, which are the rocks and Monterey Cypress trees you see at the top of the frame. Needless to say, this image has great sentiment for me! Thanks for sharing!


Lon, I am humbled at your feedback. I’m so glad this image spoke to you and holds some sentimentality for you. To be honest, I’ve been in a funk recently, something I think a lot of us go through, where I just wonder, what’s the point? Everything has been photographed. There’s nothing new. Your post reminded me that there is always a different perspective. A different take on a popular subject or place. You have actually rekindled that spark for me with this post, and for that, I am grateful.

As for the image, I completely understand your points. I do agree with them, however, I did always feel like the original was unbalanced. But perhaps that’s the way it should be? I shall think upon this, and mess with the shadows a bit per your suggestion.

Thanks again.


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I too like the crop David, although both are very nice. I visited this area once while attending continuing education in Monterey, and would love to go back with a camera. The trees have such character along the shore here; I’m glad you were able to include a few. Since black and white allows a pretty free hand with it, I could see even a touch more contrast in the sky since the cloud textures are worth emphasizing.