Morning Blues

This is the same meadow, and the same chilly morning where Lon made his lovely Sagey Meadow Sunrise image.

This image was made a bare few minutes before the sunlight hit the flowers (I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee). After the very heavy Sierra winter with near-record snowfall, the flowers bloomed later, and in great abundance this year. I had never seen such a lupine field here.

This is a 3-image stack for depth of field and has been cropped a bit, mainly from the top, and some from each side. The blend was done in PS-CC 2019.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200
3-image stack at f-8 @ 1/50, ISO 800
TK’s Masks and some burning top and edges.

Your thoughts a re always appreciated. :smile:

Real pretty, Preston. I really like the V pattern in the foreground, leading to the lupine. No suggestions here.


Love this! Like Harley, I think the shadowy under story elevates this beyond just a straight field of flowers; there’s an excellent flow and design. Part of that too is how that shadowy “v” separates the larger group of lupine with the little white pods below.

And knowing I was but a few paces away from you, I notice the frosty vegetation in the LRC (not so important for the comp, but my recollection of how chilly it was!)

No nits or suggestions. Oh, and great job with the focus stack!

Beautiful intimate flower landscape.


The colors, saturation, and processing in general are excellent.

Preston, this is another great (yet completely different) take on the same meadow as Lons recent post. I agree that retaining the cooler tones is very effective at creating mood, the cooler greens in particular work well with the lupines. I especially like semi-circle of white flowers at the bottom, they do a great job of separating the lupines. No nits from me, this is a very pleasing image.

I agree with all the comments above. It is a beautiful image. I feel that the image is very genuine and it’s very pleasing to browse around. Very nice one, Preston!

The stack has worked really well, Preston - everything sharp throughout the image. I like the play of the white flowers against the lupines; the tiniest of nits might be to suggest a small crop from the L to allow the white flowers to fill the frame, but that’s of little consequence.

Preston, this is an outstanding collection of wildflowers, with the lupines set off nicely by the bistort (??) in the foreground. As an aside, when I carefully tested stacking software 3 years ago, I found that PS always left few soft bits scattered throughout the frame when viewed at 1:1 although they aren’t noticeable in normal viewing. Have they fixed this problem?

Such a lovely mix of color Preston. I tend to get carried away trying to capture the big scene, and often miss the small beauty. I love the blue above and white below that you caught with the flowers.