With a Light Touch + RP

Here’s another from the Lupine meadow near Sonora Pass. The early sun was rising quickly, and within minutes, this lovely light was gone.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200mm
Adobe ACR and PSCC-2019

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I used a Lights mask to adjust the color balance of the highlights so they are a little warmer, and also to adjust the luminance downward a bit. Any better?

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :smile:

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Dang Preston, you beat me to the punch! I have one quite similar, but not the same of course. I really like the early light grazing the field of Lupine. and you’re right, the light changed pretty quickly.

I like the layers of highlights and shadows. Not a nit per se, but I could see warming up the highlights a bit. The overall color temp is good, but the highlights are a little pale? If that makes sense. Very minor and a personal preference for sure.

Great job isolating.


This is a heck of a blast of color. It has a real nice impressionist painting look to it. I might back off the highs in the sunny areas a little bit but that is it for suggestions.

Lovely light and color Preston. Very painterly.

WOW, this would have been a killer entry in the WC theme this week. Regardless, a wonderful scene photographed perfectly, Preston…:+1:
I too could buy in on turning down the brightness/highlights just a bit…:thinking:

Preston, wow, the difference is so subtle where a quick glance one might think where’s the difference? But I think the change is pretty big. You have to click between the larger views and watch a highlighted area and the changes stand out more. Some times a little touch is all that’s needed. Thanks for taking the time.


Second posted image looks very good…:sunglasses:

The rework has subtle, but important improvements. It does have an impressionist look. For a second treatment of this image you may even want to consider throwing an Orton soft glow on this, go for a photo-art look.

The undulating arrangement of the lupines almost reminds of waves in a river, maybe the blue color reinforces that.

Yep, that is an improvement.


The rework is an improvement no doubt. Its a hard image to work with due to so much detail and the dynamic range is pretty wide here making adjustments difficult. I do not think a Make-It-Glow treatment or an Orton effect will help much. The ripple of highlights throughout the image is mesmerizing as it is.