Moss Glenn Falls & Swirls

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This image was captured at Moss Glenn Falls in Vermont, I believe. Nothing conveys motion to me better than moving water. Here I was able to capture not only the movement of the tiered water fall, but also the circular patterns of the leaves on the water’s surface created by the water currents, created by the falls.
Canon 5d Mark III, Lens 24-105 at 28 mm, f/22, 13.0 sec exposure, ISO 100.

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Robert, this view of the falls and the swirls at the bottom looks great, with lots of steps showing in the falls and good colors in the vegetation to the left. The glow of the main leaf swirl looks artificial. (I’m not sure if that’s overly bright or over saturated)

A beautiful image, Robert. That super long exposure did some serious magic on the leaves in the eddies. I hope you made some other compositions with them as the star of the show.

Robert: This is beautiful. I especially like the waterfall rendering. In long exposures like this the water tends to get blown out but this looks great. The eddy is icing on the cake. Well seen, conceived and captured. >=))>

Thank you, Mark. I usually add a bit of saturation to all of my images, but just a touch. Robert

Thank you so much, Dennis. Robert

Your comments are well appreciated, Bill