Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney at sunrise. I had great light the whole morning I shot this scene but the colors from the first part of the sunrise were my favorite. My main nit pick is the line of light down the middle and the little square of light in the center. It’s almost a deal breaker for me! Is it a distraction for anyone else?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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Stefanie, I know this is a classic scene, but I have never seen Mt. Whitney, so I appreciate seeing it. What also sets this image apart are that the light and clouds are really special. I just love the light on the snowfield on the left. I think your softer, lower contrast processing creates a wonderful mood that lets the light and color stand out. I also really like pastel color palette that you used for the blues in the sky, this also contributes to the softer mood. The horizontal line of light across the center of the image is not a nit pick to me, instead its what makes this image work. I think the “center box” is a little too bright, and with some midtone burning I would try to bring its luminosity more in line with the sunlit areas to the left and right of it. But that is a nit, overall this is a very enjoyable image.

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Stephanie, I think this is a wonderful image. As Ed says, the lower contrast processing allows the morning light to create a wonderful mood. I love the dark clouds above Mount Whitney and the Keeler Needles.

The horizontal band of light is key to making the image work, and the square patches of sunlight could be easily toned down a bit. The light on the snowfield on Thor Peak on the left really glows.

The canyon in the center of the image leading up to the granite buttresses is the North Fork of Lone PIne Creek. Like many climbers, I have hiked that thing a few times, and the consensus is that it’s the place where the word ‘epic’ was first used. :slight_smile:

This area of the Sierra is one of my favorite places in the whole world, and your image is a fine tribute to a magical place.



Beautiful image of Whitney and wonderful presentation of the Sierra Nevada range - The range of light as Muir coined it…

I don’t have a nit pick with either of those elements you mention; the light and shadows are classic of the early morning sun on the mountains. The clouds above reveal the granite peaks and spires beautifully.

I suppose you could play with colors and warm the light a little bit, but that’s purely personal choice. I think this is wonderful as presented. No nits to speak of.


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Stefanie, this is a classic scene for sure. I personally don’t see the highlights being too bright and I think the light has fallen on the right places. I really like it as presented. Having been here so many times, this looks very natural and give me the sense of being there.

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I don’t have anything constructive to add. I agree that the light doesn’t distract but adds. Just wanted to say that it’s a beautiful shot of an amazing place. You did it justice. :slight_smile: Keep on!

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Hey @Ed_McGuirk ! I also love this scene for the softer color palette! I have several exposures of this scene from the early morning (where I didn’t move my camera or comp) and I might try and do a little blending to remove the light box in the center. Thank you for the feedback and I highly recommend taking a trip to see Mt. Whitney! It’s worth it.
@Preston_Birdwell Thank you so much for the feedback! I appreciate it!
@Lon_Overacker I am going to play around with the colors a bit more! Thank you!
@Adhika_Lie @kori Thank you!

I quite like the soft light and the soft muted colours and for me (and it also seems like for others), those two elements make this image. I’m trying to image this image with bolder, more saturated colours and it would not be anywhere close to what you’ve done here so great job on that!
Also, just wanted to add that I’m definitely not distracted or bothered by the two nits you pointed out.

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@Tom_Nevesely I appreciate your feedback! I wanted to go with a happy light and airy feel for the colors and saturation because I feel as though that conveys how I felt that morning. It seems like the square of light in the center bothers me more than anyone else. I feel my eye being drawn to it every time I view the image so I’m going to do my best to darken it or attempt to blend it out. Thank you!

Beautiful soft sunlight and classic brooding sky acting as an umbrella. Looks like another one might be needed.

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