Mountain Valley

This is a vertical image that I couldn’t find a way to make it look right in that perspective. I cropped it into a horizontal image and it seems to work better. Any and all comments appreciated.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn) Canon 5DM4 Iso 200 16 mm f/20 1/40 sec
Double processed single raw file exposure blend

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I think this is a gorgeous photo John. I really enjoy how the stream leads my eyes right to the mountain peak. And how the forbidding feel of the mountains are reflected in the clouds. Still the flowers in the meadow hint of spring and make me want to me there. Great capture.

Gorgeous is right. That spire is magnificent, particularly with those backlit clouds around it. Home of the Gods - that’s what it tells me. I would emphasize that triangle somehow. Accentuate it’s warm tones. Add some contrast by raising the lighter tones. Enhance its presence even more than what there is now.

I also appreciate the sunnier grass vs the more shadowed background. I like the water as is as opposed to the milk a slow shutter speed would have created. My only suggestion, and admittedly it’s a small one, would be to tone down the leaves on the tree coming in from the left. Nice work.

Sweet looking view, John. I do not know the the vertical looked like, but the horizontal looks great IMO. The meandering stream does a nice job of drawing me into the scene toward that majestic looking peak and I like the added drama that the clouds bring to the image. I could see adding a little contrast to the mountains as they look a little flat in relation to the lush greens of the grass. This looks like a pretty wide dynamic range, but if you have it I would try to add a little detail to those couple of blown out whites in the clouds. Thanks for sharing this lovely alpine scene.

I think going horizontal makes this image about the mountains (clearly the strongest element in the image). And it tells a story the environment of the mountain and the alpine meadow. I think a vertical would have made the stream more dominant in the image. IMO the mountain is more impressive than the stream, so horizontal was a great choice. Processing of the meadow and sky looks fine, but I agree with @Ed_Lowe about bumping the mid-tone contrast in the mountains. Distant objects should be softer than near objects, but IMO the mountain is slightly flat looking.

I think that this is very nice image of a very nice place! I really like the line of the creek and how it leads the eye to the mountains.

Lovely image with nice drama. I agree about boosting the mid tone contrast in the mountains just a bit.

Just curious, but where is this? That spire is awesome!

Superb image, John. This looks like El Chalten in Argentina, is it? I agree with all the comments. Wonderful!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. This is a quick revision trying to increase the contrast in the central mountain. Feels to me like i got it a little crispy and I am going to have to play with it a bit. I was not able to bring much back out of the blown out clouds.

This was the original image taken in a valley outride of Nevache France.

The tweaked version looks real nice. I do see a bit of a halo around the central spire. The bright clouds are small, so not distracting.

One small thing: There is a dark tree at the top of the ridge on the right that grabs my eye.

I like the full frame vertical, too. It’s more about the stream and lush meadow than the peaks, but the peaks are important to the scene.

Preston. Thanks for the suggestions. Haha. I was wondering if anyone would ding me about that tree

I think the vertical is pretty good as well. Tough choice really.

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This is a beautiful image to my eyes as well. I love the falling meadow leading to those strong mountains. I actually prefer the vertical, but would crop it to a 3:4 or 4: ratio removing some of the foreground stream, and agree about that halo.