Muddy Creek Falls

At 53’ Muddy Creek Falls is the highest waterfall in MD and is located in the picturesque Swallow Falls SP in Garrett Co, MD. This particular day provided just enough snowfall to to cling to the trees and rocks and impart a clean refreshing feel to the scene. Hopefully that makes sense. As always thanks for leaving a thought.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

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Ed, I think the branch in the FG is such a nice touch to the overall image. My only nit is about that bright twig touching the left edge near the UL corner… feels like it has to go away.

Ed, I like the view straight across the falls with the snow covered rocks and a good collection of snow on the trees.

I like how this image pulls me through and deeper into the scene, past the falls to the little shaded area in the distance. As a matter of personal taste, I’d probably impart a little less contrast. I like the brightness of the snow, but some of the foliage looks a little dark to my eye. Definitely a pleasing scene…I’ll bet you’re glad you got out!

This is really nice, Ed. I really like the flow of the water from the left and how the branch anchors the bottom of the image. Top notch IMHO.

A very refreshing and pretty scene, Ed! I have always enjoyed how the snow changes forest and stream scenes. It lightens up the scene and creates a sense of purity or cleanliness. Also, if you’re fortunate enough to be there, it quiets the random noises and creates a feeling of peacefulness.

Ed: Really nice conversion IMO and a fine comp. I’d be curious to see the original color file as well. One doesn’t expect to see water falls in Maryland so this is a treat. Nicely done.>=))>

Lovely, Ed. The layer of snow is just enough to cover everything properly without being too dominant. I agree with Adhika-that branch is a great leading curve.

Thanks everyone @Adhika_Lie, @Mark_Seaver, @Jim_McGovern, @Michael_Lowe, @Gary_Minish, @Bill_Fach and @Dennis_Plank for the C&C as it is always appreciated. I always love a snowfall as it just seems to cleanse things.
@Adhika_Lie: I never really noticed it until you pointed it out and now it does bother me so here is a repost with the branch removed.

Repost looks great Ed; a small detail, but I agree it improves. Interesting how integral that foreground branch is. I agree that really adds to an already strong image.