My Mordor & repost

A stormy evening at Kullaberg in Skåne, Sweden.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
Focus stacked from 3 pictures,
Nikon D850, Nikon 16-35/4 @35 mm, f/16, 4 s, ISO 64, ND1000 filter.

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I really like the mood you’ve evoked in this image, and the title definitely adds to that. Nice composition as well. I think the inclusion and placement of the rock tower in the upper left adds a little extra tension, like some ominous being overlooking the scene.

My initial impression was that the processing appears to be a little heavy on clarity in spots, mostly in the center of the image and on the rocks in the mid to lower right. Another thing you may want to consider is reducing the brightness of the water bordering the rocks in the middle of the image. Reducing the clarity might help with that a bit.

I think your processing in the sky looks great, but you might want to try bringing out the mist below the horizon just a bit to increase the ominous, eerie feeling.

Nice work!

Impressive. My only suggestion is to lose the frame. I think online presentations look better the bigger you can present them. JMHO

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I really like the somewhat dark and moody look, and the composition works nicely.

There is some haloing evident that is distracting–not sure how it got there, though. You might consider looking into this and eliminate it.

I agree with Michael regarding eliminating the frame. The jagged edges don’t look right to me.

This is a very nice image that would be very much worth adjusting.


Wow, Mordor indeed! This is quite beautiful and other-worldly… I can just picture Smeagol scavenging for a dead fish in there somewhere… :wink:

Hard for me to judge processing here vs your intent because honestly I think the processing fits the mood and what you’re trying to present and represent.

Regarding the frame, I also think it fits in what you’re trying to represent - and would work perfectly as an illustration in the story book, for example. For the purposes of critique the value of the image, the frame could be a distraction for some. I like it, maybe just not in a critique setting.

In the end, this is way cool and I love it.


This is a very apocalyptic looking image, very powerful. Dark, stormy, moody, just the way I like my seascapes !!! The colors, shapes, and textures in those rocks make for a very compelling subject.

I think the placement of the rocks in the composition is very strong and interesting, that diagonal “channel” of rock is awesome. The clouds feel a little clipped to me, I wish there was a bit more breathing room at the top (although it depends on what was there). In terms of processing, some others have noted the halos. I also think the blend could be improved by better balancing the luminosity of the water, there is an abrupt transition from darker gray spray to bright white water.

Thank you very much for your constructive criticism. I have tried to change some things. The most difficult was to reduce the halo from the watersplach around the stones.

I really like the moodiness and composition of this image. I can feel the spray drifting through the air. I like the darker mood of the first image, but the halo around the rocks is distracting. The second image works very well also. One suggestion. This image may have a very dramatic look as a B&W.

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