My Red Bud #2

Another image of the red bud blooms from my front porch. The porch provided me with the best vantage point as it got me a couple of feet off the ground and allowed me to use the spring greens of the surrounding woods as a nice BG.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D800, Nikon 80-200 @ 200mm, f 16 @ 1/80 sec, ISO 400, CPL, cable release & tripod


Beautiful colors, Ed. Such a lovely reminder of spring. The placement of main diagonal branch works very well in setting up the composition. In the “if it were mine” category, I would crop a bit off from the bottom, letting the image begin where the major limb splits. Envious view from your porch, lucky you.

Redbuds are a favourite for me too, @Ed_Lowe. I like the greenish-yellow tones in the lower BG. How did the CPL help here?

This is a pretty cool image Ed. A couple of things to experiment with would be to cool the WB a bit and to raise the exposure just a tad.

Many thanks @linda_mellor , @Mike_Friel and @Igor_Doncov for your thoughts as they are always appreciated. Here is a repost with your suggestions.
@linda_mellor: It is a very colorful tree with the buds are in bloom. I cropped off a little from the bottom per your suggestion.
@Mike_Friel: I used the CPL to remove some of the glare from the buds as they had a little bit of a shine.
@Igor_Doncov: Glad you enjoyed the image. I cooled the WB a little and brought up the midtones a little with levels. When shooting reds with my D800 I always have to shoot at least one stop under my base exposure or I will blow out the reds. I learned that lesson the hard way during one fall trip.

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