I have been chasing up sunset and sunrise all the time. But after I got inspired by some of the photographers, I started to look for some details of nature like texture, light, patterns. In this photos, I wanted to show giant cliff or rock against green plants.

Specific Feedback Requested

I would like to know what do you feel when you look at the photo and also any suggestions.

Technical Details

Provia 100f slide film

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The image to me communicates a feeling of peacefulness, but also energy with the anticipated warmth of the day to travel down further into the valley or scene where this was taken. That is my human response rather than photographer’s response.

In terms of suggestions I think the reflections on the rock are very strong and therefore draw the eye to the top of the frame and risk trapping the viewer’s eye in that area. I want to explore the foliage more as it has been captured beautifully, but the strong highlights keep directing my eyes to look upwards. In that regard I believe the elements are slightly in competition rather than working together to provide a cohesive feeling and scene. A little pulling down of the highlights might assist with this. I would particularly watch edges and corners where this may occur - such as the very top-left corner which has a strong highlight in it also.

Overall it’s a lovely observed scene and I think those suggestions can help direct where the viewer is looking, if you want them to take in more of the full scene.

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This is a very interesting rock formation and I like your composition with the green bushes anchoring the cliff on the bottom. The strong light on vertical columns is a bit harsh in my opinion and I feel it pulls my attention away from the rest of the image. If you can, I would try darkening the highlights a bit. I think that would result in a more balanced image.


I really like what you’ve seen and captured here. An excellent combination of elements and colors with the green vegetation and the striking wall (basalt maybe?) and even the grasses at the bottom.

I agree with others about the hot reflections of light up top. They may be blown out on the histogram and so not sure what you can do other than trying to drop those highlights. The dynamic range was a tough one here.

The only other minor comment would be the greens - especially the plants onthe wall, seem slightly over saturated (by within the realm of personal choice) and maybe the contrast a little strong.

I do like the crop very much and think with a few tweaks this should be quite excellent!