New England Native?

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Yes, this Prickly Pear Cactus is indeed a native plant. Seen here on a National Wildlife Refuge island in Long Island Sound, where I volunteer. These plants thrive in an area subject to freezing temps in the Winter, in addition to storms with wind-driven salt spray. I’ve included the second photograph to better portray its environment. They are sitting on granite with a very thin layer of soil.

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Sony RX10M4, ISO 64, f/10, 1/50s HH.

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Very nice images of the cacti, Jim. These have a huge range. We get them on the Pacific Northwest coast as well though mostly up on steep slopes facing the water.

Nice detail, color and handling of the yellows Jim. I think this is the same type of cactus we saw down at South Padre Island a couple weeks back too.

Jim, the yellows and greens in the first view stand out well. Yes, these are nationwide. There’s a well known clump along the Potomac south of Great Falls sitting on a very thin layer of soil with hard rocks just underneath.

@Mark_Seaver , @Dennis_Plank , and @Ed_Williams , thanks to all of you for your positive comments. Mark, that’s interesting that they’re so widespread too; I’ve been to Great Falls a few times and will have to look for them on my next visit.