New snow!

One of those days when I awake to a very white world and it all stays that way until either the sun comes out or the wind picks up. It is hard to believe the snow can stick to darn near every last branch all at one time but here is proof.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

any and all

Technical Details

Minolta DiMAGE7i, 1/180, f/5.6, 50mm, ISO100 with minor adjustments to tone curves and sharpening in LR

Quite special when this happens. Which has been basically all the time lately. I like the repeating patterns and the implied precariousness of the hold it has on the branches. Maybe bump the exposure just a tad? Whites seem like they could be whiter.

Wow… A Minota Dimage 7i. Had to go back to find that camera introduced in 2002. So cool that you have it and it obviously is still functioning!!

Love the concept of the image. It just needs some exposure adjustment to bring up the tones. Classic scene that will fool every meter. Probably would have needed at least +1 in camera to get the whites closer to white.

Here’s a version with a bit of PS work . Proof positive that a 21 year camera can deliver the goods!!


Thank you @Kris_Smith and @Keith_Bauer , if I remember correctly this photo was made the first week I held that Minolta! I did not really have a clue but am sure I was not able to adjust exposure, something that was needed as you both so clearly say. Glad you have fun, @Keith_Bauer , in the archives and appreciate your try at improving the image. I probably should not have even posted it as it was. :frowning: That said, I am blown away by the other images from this same camera that I have posted over the past week on the weekly challenge (Mosses and LIchens) as they seem to have stood up very well. However, I don’t think I’ll be buying the 7i I saw online for $30!