New trouble posting an image

I keep getting this message when trying to post an image. I have tried on two different computers, tried creating the export file in both Photoshop and Lightroom (MAC, OS 10.14.6). File size has been 1500 on long edge, Quality 60% or 6. JPG, sRGB. I also tried using Safari and Firefox.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.30.16 PM

Obviously, I was able to post this PNG screen shoot.

Successfuly posted the image today. Who knows what the problem was yesterday. Sunspots?

David is largely out of internet coverage or he would have gotten back to you on this. I am sure it was sunspots, though. :grinning:

There was an on and off problem with our image host, but it seems to be resolved. Sorry for the trouble!