Northern Flicker

Lake County, Oregon
7D2, Sigma 150-600mmC@546mm, F8, 1/1600, ISO 800, tripod, ground blind
Thanks for any comments or suggestions, Dave

Lovely image David-detail, perch, and background all superb.

Excellent David. Love the pose with that head turn and being able to see the under tail feathers. Nice background too. Well done!

Very nice, even in hard light. You captured many great parts of this bird at once. Maybe darken the perch by reducing contrast and /or the high tones. TY for posting.

Very nice pose captured from the flicker. Nice that you can see the color on the tail.

I thought the image seemed a tad flat and the brightness of the perch pulled me a bit. Here’s a slight modification.

David, this is quite nice. The over the shoulder pose works very well with keeping the bird and perch on the left side. @stevenm has a good suggestion about darking the perch. It tends to draw attention away from this beautiful bird. Great softened BG and light.
Edit - I see @Keith_Bauer made a good fix.

I like the change. It may be helpful to viewers if you told them precisely what you did.

Absolutely outstanding color, detail, perch, pose, and background. One of your best. The darker perch does help.