Northern Flicker

A female Northern Flicker taken mid morning today.

Any concerns about the crop. It is a little tight but full frame.

iso 1250, @00-500 at 500, f10, 800th, Fill flash at -1.7, -1.0 EV, D500, tripod, DxO Photo Lab, Topaz Adjust, ACR 10.5, TK sharpening action at 20%.

Nice detail and I like the light on the tail feathers. I suppose there could be a bit more room top and bottom.

I like the light on the tail and head, David. It is a bit tight, but not a noyingly so. The shadow on the body looks a bit odd to me, but I’m confined to my tablet this week, so it could well be the uncalibrated display. I wonder how she’s faring with the broken lower mandible.

I think the mandible is intact but the distal portion is extremely dark. So you may not be able to distinguish it on your tablet. I can barely see it at highest light box resolution on my iPad Air 2. I ‘m not sure what you mean about the shadow; it was 8am filtered through a tree sidelight.

We had a flicker with one missing eye returning here for at least 4 to 5 years. She seemed to do well; however, this year she did not return to our home. But I have seen small birds with damaged beaks on occasion.

Looking more closely, I do see the lower mandible, David. Nice image.

Nice image David, I think the crop is fine. To me the shadows look a bit over processed and not natural in this, maybe a bit too much shadow adjustment.