Not a rock wall!

A quiet backwater off a local creek carpeted with fallen leaves and covered in ice made this interesting icestract. (R5, 100-500 @ 324, 1/6 s, f/16, iso 400, tripod, 2 s timer and polarizer)


Mark, I love this. At first glance it looked like an image of a canyon wall like from Zion. The mosaic type patterns look really great with nice arrangement of complimentary color. Only minor area that I would address is the slice of brightness in the upper right corner. The shape has a beige looking color to it. You could also add a bit of mid tone contrast. Nicely done!

This is wonderful, Mark. The colors are stunning! As you know, I’m not the one to critique an abstract, but seeing this I’m starting to understand how much bright, vibrant colors are important. The more I look at this, the more leafs I can spot. This image holds your attention for a long time! Fantastic image.

Fantastic colors and shapes, Mark. Nicely seen and captured.

You can really get lost in the image for quite some time trying to find the leaves. To me it still looks like a rockscape as mentioned by @Alfredo_Mora. The total abstract nature of this is what has me searching the scene. What’s nice is that I can’t put my finger on what most things in the image actually are. Nicely done!

Hi Mark,
Glad you warned us with the title. It really does resemble rocks in the Vermillion Cliffs or some other area in Utah. I just love the colors and the the shapes, and the ice cracks add a really nice element that forces the viewer to figure out what this might be. That’s not a bad thing, and it’s not overdone in an “abstract, guess what this is” way.

Really wonderfully done, and just enough reflection to give it that element of curiosity.

Great title. As others have said I like how on first viewing one may think of a rock wall (notwithstanding your title) but with further contemplation the image really draws you in.

Wonderful find, so well presented!! Gorgeous colors and shapes!

A wonderful and unique find. I had to stare at it for a while, but finally found the structure of the leaves under the ice. I’m assuming that the blueish vertical lines are a reflection of the trees above. What ever it is, it adds a mysterious detail to the photo that work well.

Wow, this is gorgeous Mark! I too got caught up trying to figure out how the leaves played in to this… and then I started seeing them. Outstanding. I especially love the blue reflected streaks.

Great eye! Love this!


This is lovely, Mark! I took fell into thinking it was a canyon wall with desert varnish or water or something. I love how it tricks the eye and even when you know it’s leaves in there you still are left wondering in amazement about it all. Lovely colors, I think it’s just fine as is. Well-seen!

Wonderful image with the colors, textures and patterns of the leaves with ice reflections as the icing on the cake. , and it really looks like a rock wall!

That’s a great shot Mark! I like the term ice-stract.