Nyctinasty Dawn

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
The original image was of the back of a hibiscus just reaching full bloom in the morning. The flower was backlighted with natural morning light.

I didn’t track the number of folds, connections, and crops used to make the image.

The original post-processing was done in Lightroom. The tesselation made in PhotoShop.

This is a screenshot of a part of the project. The original image is in the upper right.

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Paul: Incredibly intricate and eye catching creation. Nirvana for a color junkie. Well done. >=))>

Looks like a gorilla with green shades. Paul, this is really cool. It’s great to capture nature “as is” (whatever that means), but to put one’s own stamp on it like this is exciting and fun. It’d make a nice stained glass window. To see the original in your screenshot is very instructive too.

Very creative. The vibrant colors of the hibiscus and leaves do give this a stained glass feel. I like that you have stepped out of your comfort zone and gave us a glance of what is to come. I love photo art and miss the former category here on NPN.

Thank you, @Bill_Fach, @Mike_Friel @Patricia_Brundage; I appreciate the comments. The translucency of the petals has always been a magnet for me. A bright sunny day, or flash, is necessary, so hibiscus is a target on those days when you don’t want to deal is mid-day light.

@Patricia_Brundage I didn’t know there was once such a category, but now that I’m aware, I miss it also. Making images that are beyond representation and into a different scope is a challenge and one that should be celebrated with a separate category.


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