Oklahoma Blizzard

February 2, 2011 will long live in my memory as we received a record 14 inch snowfall in 24 hours in the Tulsa area. Some of you may scoff at 14 inches, but in Oklahoma, two inches can grind everything to a halt! We had lived in Lincoln, Nebraska for three years where I had purchased a snow blower and, thankfully when we moved back to Oklahoma, I had kept it. But it was not built with snowfall like this in mind! Still, it was a blessing to have. Here, the wife takes her turn at blowing snow.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Thinking we might never see another snowfall like this in our lives, I wanted to get some photos. Nothing special here; just some memories!

Technical Details

Canon 60D, Canon EF 17-40mm L IS USM, f/8, 1/2000 sec., ISO 400. I’m not sure how this was processed, but probably in an older version of PhotoShop Elements.

That’s a good snowfall no matter what, but I’m glad you had a little motorized help. I just spent an hour outside with my husband getting rid of the last accumulation. There is a crap ton of snow out there. Maybe the most I’ve seen up here - it’s more like a NH winter. I like the feeling in the photo here, it feels upbeat rather than drudgery or something scary. Also shows how wintery it was from the total level of snow.

Thanks @Kris_Smith. It would be a stretch to say this was “fun”, but it was certainly memorable, and one of life’s experiences we all go through. Hope you have blown and dug yourself out by now, and are warm and cozy, playing with your new toy!