It’s been pretty dreary here in CA wine country, with the recent fires, so I’m going back to July for this one. We had a lot of Orioles in our immediate area this year, for the first time. I set up a feeder and got a few to pose for me. I’m curious about the ID here. I think it may be a fledgling, and possibly a Bullock’s. (We had mostly Hooded but a few Bullock’s.) If anyone can confirm or correct, I’d appreciate it.

Canon 1DX2, 600mm f/4 + 1.4X, ISO 200, f/14, 1/125, sturdy tripod. Dappled morning sun had been coming through trees and it had just gotten stronger here, but the pose was too good to pass up. Minor tonal adjustments in LR and cropped from the left. Into PS for some sensor cleaning.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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Wow, Diane, this is quite a nice shot. I love the perch and the nice head turn pose he gave you. That nice smooth background makes him and the perch stand out nicely. It appears like a some of the feathers are blown out right at the base of his neck, just a small patch, that maybe you can selectively bring back. Still, I wish I could say this is mine, such a great image. I live in North Carolina, and so I have never seen this bird before, so I can’t help you with the ID. Hopefully some others will. We have a few avian photographers from out west.

I’m guessing it’s a female Bullock’s, but it is visually similar to the female Baltimore’s we get here in Oklahoma. Looks like you were plagued with some harsh light, but you managed to overcome it very well, for the most part. Nice pose, and nice background. Nicely done.

Very nicely done. It is nice to see the under tail area with no shadows and a good looking pose. I think you may be right about the Bullock Oriole.

I find the BG sets the colors of the oriole off very nicely. Easy photo to look at. Good sharpness and poise.

Really nice. Beautiful bird on a nice perch with a pleasing BG. Light is a touch harsh but not bad. To me, this shot needs some contrast. Below, I brought the darks down using a curves adjustment and burned those feathers at the base of the neck with a Lights 2 mask. I cannot help on the ID. I have barely even seen orioles in the wild.

Thanks everyone! I do need to fix those brightest feathers. There is detail there in the raw file and I was careless. I think Lyle’s contrast increase is good, but I would hold it back from the perch, which is competing with the bird a little too much. The underside feathers are a bit scruffy – maybe she just stepped out of the shower – and I wouldn’t want to emphasize them too much either.

Excellent pose, detail, light and background. The increased contrast version is even better although I am seeing a little bit of a blue cast on the feet. That may be normal for this bird which I have never seen before.