Ostrich in the Rainforest :)

Made on a very wet walk along the Marymere Falls trail in Olympic NP. Have photographed this area a number of times so was looking for the “less obvious” compositions.

Specific Feedback Requested

Color, composition and anything else to improve.

Technical Details

Sony a7IVR, 24-105 f/4 lens at 35mm, polarizer (partially polarized), f/16 at 1/5, ISO 400. Not a panorama. Processed in LR, including dodging and burning, then in PS to reduce the highlights poking through the canopy.

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Its a nice forest scene which are not easy to do well. The bending center tree is a nice focal point which gives the image an anchor.

Now that is a catchy title - it immediately caught my attention. I worry that the ostrich’s neck is a bit long, but it is at full stretch! Your control over the green tones and your reduction of highlights is masterful. Great moss hanging off the branches. Would it be possible to include more of the right side so the ostrich is not so central?


Wonderful deep forest image. I’m with Mike in that you’ve done an outstanding job with the processing - colors, sat, highlights, contrast, all of it. Well done and no suggestions there.

The composition works nicely for me - at least there is some room for the “ostrich” to move forward… like all good wildlife photography… :slight_smile:

The only very minor suggestion would be to CA-clone or crop slightly off the left just to eliminate the small gap in the ULC. Hardly worth mentioning… but while you’re up there, a slight dodge of that trunk in the same corner. Again, both minor tweaks.

BTW, I especially like the forest floor and fallen log across the bottom anchoring, or providing a solid base to the frame/image.


Thanks Lon! Just so I’m clear, what’s the ULC? I did a slight crop to remove the small gap.

Thanks for your input

Thanks Mike. No more room on the right due to a large tree.

Hey Mark - apologies, I need to remember not to assume the NPN lexicon is known… my bad. Once you see them, all the rest should just roll off…

ULC - Upper left corner,
LRC - lower right corner

And actually, thanks for asking because it reminded me we actually have an Acronym’s list, I almost forgot:

HTH - Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

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