Overlooking his Realm - Image added

African Fish Eagle, Panasonic GX8, DG Vario-Elmar 100-400


I like the way the tree limb draws my eyes right to the eagle and how the bird stands out from the background. The detail in the feathers is very nice Jaapv. Did he catch anything while you were there?

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Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: No, he didn’t catch anything in this case, but these birds are indeed hunting constantly. He did give his haunting call, so typical for Africa.

Hi Jaapv, I like that the bird, branch, and leaves are all sharp. Exposure looks spot on. The distant background gives us the sense of place of a bird looking over its domain. A minor nit is that I wish the shoreline was not cutting through the bird’s head. This is a terrific image and really shows off the bird and where it lives.

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Impressive bird and a nice shot you have here ! Agree with Allen about the shoreline. Other than that no nits, a fine image ! Cheers, Hans

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And its mate calling

What an interesting looking bird. Nicely isolated on a dandy perch while it surveys the surroundings. Well done and what a sound they make. Musical and very distinct.

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A wonderful composition, Jaap. I like the size of the Eagle in the frame and the branch leading to it.

=blush- Thank you very much, Dennis.