Took a few shots of this colourful pansy from the prone position, I eventually cropped one completely to fill the frame but was unhappy that it really did not show the flower as it is so I stayed with this one for now. Any comments appreciated.
Nickon 885 f2.8, 1/101sec, ISO100. Early evening overcast heavy cloud cover. Thank you for looking.!

Luscious colors! The top of the frame is a little distracting to me. You might consider either darkening it or using levels selectively to both darken and lower the midtones.

Chris, the colors are quite dramatic. The details look good also. Your frame filling crop certainly emphasizes the single flower. I agree with Phil that some burning-in of the brighter areas near the top as well as the two bits of flowers that come in from the sides would let this flower stand out even more.

Phil, many thanks for your comments and advice, have not had much experience post processing as yet but will have a go as you suggest.

Mark, many thanks for your comments and suggestions, as I said to Phil, not had much experience post processing as yet but will see what I can do.

Crop is a bit tight but love the colors. Maybe burn in the the top behind the flowers.

Thanks Greg, did burn in as other members had kindly suggested and reposted as Pansy repost, this can be seen in the Flora critiques and is dated Sep 21. Hopefully the result is similar to what you are suggesting.