Peaks Entrenched

Taken on the tide flats at the Old Valdez townsite after a fresh snowfall. The trench through the salt water grasses caused by a small fresh water stream offered up a reflection of the sunlit mountain peaks that I couldn’t resist.

Sony a6300, SE1670Z @ 23mm, ISO-100, f/11.0, 1/125, hand held.

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Gary: Great combination of elements and the reflection takes it over the top IMO. Beautiful scene superbly rendered. >=))>

Wow, this is super. that triangle of open water with the dried grasses framing the reflections is wonderful. It leads us in and up to the sunlit mountain tops.

This is really nice, Gary. When I first opened it I thought that was snow in the channel. Only after reading your statement and looking for awhile did it make sense. I like that in an image.

The light on the BG peak is a thing of beauty and the clouds add a bit of mood to this winter scene. What is really special here is catching the mountains with the reflection in the trench. Very nicely done.

That is so nice Gary, especially at the largest view. I think you have a photo in a photo too; a crop of the reflection with that strong triangle is an interesting image too.

Beautiful scene, Gary. Great light, reflection and conditions and your comp pulls it all together extremely well.

Gary, the leading line of the channel works very well, with the mountain’s reflection and the kiss of sunlight on the peaks being the icing on the cake.