Persephone's walk and edit

This is a quite dark and gloomy section of bush but sunlight filters through in various places. In this case I was captured by the strong feeling of walking from light and airy fern-clad areas into something ‘unknown’, which suits me as I really enjoy getting into deep caves, mineshafts and so on where you just do not know what might be there.

Specific Feedback Requested

Would be interested to have feedback on whether this image creates an initial emotion of stepping into the unknown, or apprehension about what might happen around the corner.

Technical Details

1/60s, f10, ISO 200
Nikon 50mm

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Phil, the curved leading path with its mushrooms and leaves is very inviting, while the dark “cave” at the end does feel ominous…maybe trolls lurking in there…

Trolls! I did not think of that Mark. Another thing to be worried about!

Was flashed used here to illuminate the mushrooms in the bottom frame? The lighting looks drastically unnatural to me, which feels distracting, especially given there is so much detail in the shadows there but little elsewhere.

Thanks Cody. No I didn’t use flash, there was just a little light filtering through to the ferns on lower left corner. When I processed this I was in a bit of a hurry…as usual. What has happened is that I had brightened the leaves on the path to make them stand out a bit more and balance with the same colours at the top of the image. This also brightened the same-coloured mushrooms, and I had meant to pull that area back again but forgot.
Thankyou for this. If I had paid more attention just before posting I should have seen it. Two more lessons learned: slow down, and pay more attention to detail.

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