Inner space

This is an older image (2012) I found and reprocessed for this Week’s theme. It’s from the Loverens Mill Atlantic White Cedar Swamp in Antrim, NH. When I lived there, this was one of my favorite spots. This walkway winds into the swamp itself and gets you right in those gorgeous trees. I believe this preserve is the northern-most edge of the tree’s range. Cinnamon fern is abundant, too, and I really liked this view - a tunnel for squirrels.

Specific Feedback Requested

Well since I’ll probably never visit again, processing ideas are welcome.

Technical Details

Probably a tripod and CPL


Lr for RAW work to adjust wb, add some texture, sharpening and nr. Extensive use of masks to contour the light for a more tunnel-ly effect. A tiny crop.

Photoshop for distraction removal and use of luminosity and color masks to further separate tonalities and amplify the atmosphere of light and airiness. Ran an Orton Effect action with an Edge mask to protect those - set the opacity at about 30%. Ran a Clarity Action and confined it to the mid-greens with a color mask.

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A bug’s eye view for sure!! Nice!

That’s a good tunnel Kristen. I remember laying in the woods under the ferns when I was a kid. They have a very distinct smell and the light that comes through them is very unique as well.

Thanks @Cameron_Wilcox - same here. A favorite hiding spot for neighborhood games of “In-free” were amongst the ferns. Or up a tree, depending.

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