Specific Feedback Requested

This is image that I took recently at Joshua Tree. This composition has been shot to death but I shot it anyway. There is probably one composition for this shot so I would like to get some feedback on the post processing.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Processed it in lightroom, photoshop and Nik Software


Well, it’s new to me and I like it. That is a very peculiar rock standing on end like that. It’s a fairly dark scene. A grey background may look it less so. You could raise the contrast on the wedged shape of the left side just a tiny bit as it’s fairly dark monotoned. Just an idea.

I love the colors and the sky is fantastic. I like the composition too because of the way the foreground tree and boulders pull me in towards the rock. The perspective is very appealing.

Yep, penguin rock has been shot to death for sure, but when you’re there it’s hard not to shoot. You were rewarded with a pleasing sky and good light. I feel there might be a touch too much majenta in this image but that’s totally a personal preference. Did you also happen to shoot this with the tree kissing the top of penguin rock? That’s really the only other composition. No matter how many times this has been shot it still is pretty amazing.

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I’ve never been here, but have seen images of this scene before. Yes the basic composition has been done before . But I think your comp is well done, the spacing and proportions work well. You handled the foreground well, and didn’t show too much of it, which focuses attention on the tree and rock. I think your darker processing of the landscape works, and makes the sky color more prominent.

Color is a subjective and personal thing. I think the processing of the sky looks good. For my taste the landscape is too magenta, and the colors appear a bit muddy. Yes there would be some reflected light on the landscape from the clouds, but the magenta in the land just feels a bit heavy to me. This is especially true in the shadow areas (which in real life would be getting little or no color from the clouds). So for me the magenta feels a bit overdone.

The composition and sky are wonderful Francis. I agree with the others on a touch too magenta on the foreground rocks.

This scene is completely new to me, and I think it’s beautiful. I think your composition is very strong but I’ll be the exception to the others as I think the overall saturation is too strong, especially the magenta. The only other nit I have is around the upright boulder on the left. It appears you burned the outer area around the boulder but left an aura around the it. I believe it would be a stronger image (and look more natural) if that was evened out some. It’s a beautiful image and I believe it has GREAT potential but I do believe the processing just needs a bit more work and refinement.

I actually agree with you @Bill_Chambers, I just said, it a different way. So I don’t think you are the exception. I think the image has a strong, unnatural magenta cast, and that combined with an overall darker luminosity in the land leads to muddy colors and over-saturation. I think Francis could go with a darker luminosity in the land and have it work, but I think he would have to back off the color cast and the saturation. Shadows are naturally low saturation in real life, and that’s how I prefer to see them.

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Agreed. I think the best bet would be to go back and start with a less saturated RAW file. I’ve never had good luck trying to reduce an overly saturated image. It’s MUCH easier to build up saturation in needed areas than to reduce it overall, at least in my experience.

Thank you all for the feedback @Igor_Doncov , @David_Haynes , @Bill_Chambers , @Ed_McGuirk , @Mark_Muller , @Eva_McDermott . I was actually expecting this kind of feedback after view my photo again. Like @Bill_Chambers suggested it, I will just restart the processing as it might be easier. It is true that the magenta was over the top, which occured in lightroom…