Philbin Beach Martha's Vineyard

I took this photo back in 2018 while visiting with my sister on Martha’s Vineyard. We’d decided to get up early to try and get some sunrise shots. Didn’t get many sunrise shot, but we did have the beaches all to ourselves!

I realize it is a bit soft, partly from the early morning mist but also from the camera (Nikon D330) and the kit lens I was using at the time. Does it still work at a post card type of image? Is the house in the URC a distraction? Does the blue water on the lower edge help to frame the image, as I had hoped? Any other thoughts and/or suggestions would be great.

Cloned out some dust bunnies, a sign posted along the cliff and a rock. Also, pulled down the highlighted tip of the one rock formation, is it subdued enough?
Nikon D3300, f/14, 1/00sec., iso100 @ 85mm, handheld.

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Hi Linda
I like the early morning look to this photograph and help the house. The postcard caption could read " This can be your beach". Airbnb
Good luck.

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Thanks Peter. From what I’ve learned on my visits to the Vineyard, even if this beach was for sale, it would be in the millions of dollars range . . … certainly not in my budge! But it sure would be nice. Thanks for your thoughts.

All good questions! The one I have for you is what do you want this image to be? What makes YOU happy with it. The house can certainly work or you could crop it out—try it and see what you like better. Personally, I love the streak of blue water along the bottom. And, yes,I think I’d tone down the rock highlite just a bit more if it was my image. I’ve often photographed on this beach, usually abstracts of the brightly colored clays on the banks. A lovely spot even if none of the images are “perfect.”

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Thanks, John. Overall I am very happy with the image.For me at least, there are always the; wish I had gotten up earlier, had a better lens/camera, different perspective …… on and on, but this one makes me smile every time I see it. Reminds me of a fun trip. Thanks again for you thoughts.

Linda, this would make a fine card, capturing memories of a quiet morning of a lovely beach. At NPN sizes, the sharpness is fine. It would be a great “isolated beach” scene without the house, but the house was there first and it’s still a fine beach scene with the house. That kiss of light on the single ledge is a neat “surprise”.

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Thanks, Mark. Appreciate your kind thoughts.