Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Cold, windy and too much traffic on Trail Ridge Road, but I found it to be one of the best places to find and photograph pikas. I always have to stop and see if there are pikas about. These little rock rabbits are a challenge for me. Have to admire these little critters who do not hibernate.

Specific Feedback

Could not get down to eye level, so is this OK, even if I was shooting down on this pika. I do wish it was feeding on a more photogenic plant. Does this spiny plant take away from the pika?

Technical Details

Canon R5, RF 100-500mm F-4. 57.1 at 345mm.
1/320 @ f-5.6 ISO 800

I think the spiny thistle adds to the picture, telling a story of what these little guys have to cope with. But maybe he’s after that tiny grass sprig. (I know these thistles and they are even sharper than they look!) The pika is very cute but looks like the focus fell more on the thistle. I guess the sensor could be forgiven for choosing the most detailed area… Nice light though and it shows the camouflage of the little critter.

Hi John. Nice behavioral image of the pika. I like that it’s not paying attention to you, though I know we keep looking for eye contact. I think this image could go in the Wildlife forum even though it was taken on a road-the road isn’t obvious in the image, since these guys live in the rocks. I’ve always seen them in rock slides in the mountains out here. If you’d like it moved to Wildlife, let me know. I’m ok with it in either forum.

Oh these are so cute and even though you weren’t at eye level, it’s got nice detail and light. I don’t mind the choice of lunch - the texture contrasts with the fur well. So far as I know neither rabbits nor rodents hibernate. I think they both might store food caches for the tough months. Hardy little dudes.

Hi John,

This is a really good behavioral shot of a Pika.

I like the angled pose quite a lot and this is a treat for me because we don’t have them (that I know of) on the east coast.

Neat critter, nice shot of it!