Pine Sisken on Blackberry Branch

Isolated from a larger image with 2 other birds. Taken at a refuge is Southwestern Washington.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 1000, 400 plus 2X, F5.6, 1600th, A7R4, 35% of full frame. Some cloning to remove OOF branches.

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David, the details in the Siskin look great, with it and it’s rather nasty perch standing out well against the white background. The tones in it’s head seem a bit washed out, so a light touch of burning (or reduced dodging) would look good. We’re having a cold spell, so I keep hoping to see some Siskins at our bird feeder with the Goldfinches, but nothing yet.

The little bird is quite the opposite to the perch, which gives a clear indication of how small the bird is. The over-the-shoulder pose is one of my favourites.

Would you consider removing the two spikes from under the bird?