Pine Siskin

I like the color but wish the perch was more suitable for a bird this size. We currently have a significant irruption of Pine Siskin’s with 15 to 25 birds mobbing the feeder at a time.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Iso-8000, 400+ 2X, F5 .6, 800th, A7r4, 40% of full frame, fill flash at +2.

There are a lot around this year… I like the perch, it has a lot of interest, you just need a better head angle for me.
Nice BG as well.

The perch and body angle could be better but you got a good shot. The BG is wonderful! We have had a lot of them down here this year (Sonoma County), and I’ve hardly seen any in past years.

David, I really like everything about the shot. The curve in the perch and all the lichen, just adds to the image, in my opinion. Wonderful BG, and excellent details in the subject.

Nice shot. I like it. Nice perch, nice bg, bird is in ideal location on perch and nice and sharp. And we get a good look at the Siskin.

Very nice detail and the perch is awesome in itself, if a bit outsized for the little Siskin. It would be nice if they’d land on the perches we intend for them.

I like the perch. Being large, it helps remind us that Pine Siskins are quite small.