Pink Nigella

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

If you would like your image to be eligible for a feature on the NPN Instagram (@NaturePhotoNet), add the tag ‘ig’ and leave your Instagram username below. Canon 5dmk.III, Canon 180 Macro lens, f 7.1 1/100sec, iso 200. No blurring used. Topaz noise reduction and sharpening. Focus on center.

I really love this flower, John, but I think putting the focus on the center just doesn’t work with the depth of field you have. The out of focus foreground petals and leaves just don’t work well for my taste.

John: I’m going to be contrarian and disagree with Dennis regarding the OOF FG petals. I really don’t notice them because the center is so nicely rendered. I will admit that most of the time if I’m only going to have part of the flower sharp along with the center I lean toward having clearer focus on the camera side of the comp but I often do that more to leave the far BG a bit more OOF. I like images like this that evoke different reactions even if those who disagree with me are clearly wrong :wink: :roll_eyes:>=))>

Thanks for the comments. Dennis, I understand and appreciate your view. It is always helpful, but I agree to disagree with your viewpoint of my intent of the focus of this flower. I’m still learning. Bill’s comment is also appreciated.

Vivid capture of this flower, John. The centre is so sharp, like Bill I have no problem with the front petals. I might just like to see a little more of the stem - but maybe that would have introduced some extraneous elements ?

Thanks Ian, After looking at the photo again, yes, more stem would be better. There was other material but using the clone tool would clean away some of the small stems and expose more of a clean stem.

I can see why the center of focus brings divergent views. When I am making an image in the field, I get caught between these two options - should the closest element be in focus or the center of the flower with stamens? I have tried both, but it depends on the type flower. I see both points. Nice flower details. Its 3 dimentional nature is challenging to capture. You have done well.

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