Please Welcome Lon Overacker as a 'new' Landscape Moderator!

@Lon_Overacker has graciously accepted the role of moderator/editor in the Landscape category, he will be joining @Eva_McDermott and @Harley_Goldman taking on this active category! Please welcome him and give a big thank you for taking on this task! Lon was a moderator in the past so it will be a pretty smooth transition into the role.

Also, please thank @Kah-Kit_Yoong for his years of work as a moderator in this category. Kah-Kit has been extremely busy lately and was unable to devote enough time to the role, so we decided together that he should step down and make way for someone new. There are absolutely no hard feelings here, it was just time to make a change.

I want to personally thank Kah_Kit for all his work over the years, and thank you Lon for helping out once again, Lon is already an extremely valuable member to NPN and taking on this role really shows his dedication to make NPN successful. Thank you so much, and thank you to all the @moderators for their hard work!


Well no doubt NPN over the years has had the best and most talented photo moderators to be found. They have also been extremely willing to assist with the required duties overall. The present and past moderator line up in the Landscape arena proves that point.
Really glad to see Eva, Harley, and now Lon helping out in this busy category.

And, many thanks to Kah Kit for his long tenure and very positive support overall.

Thanks for letting us know, David. Although Lon and I have never met, I feel like he has become a friend and trusted colleague. And @Lon_Overacker, congratulations. You’re someone I respect and wish you the best.


Welcome as moderator, Lon. Your critiques are honest, helpful and at the same time encouraging. As a side note… a thank you to all the moderators for their time and effort.

Congrats to @Lon_Overacker his comments are always very insightful. (My initial spelling was inciteful, but that just didn’t seem right…:rofl:)

Thanks for many years of valuable effort to @Kah-Kit_Yoong. Best wishes as you move forward.


Welcome Lon! @Lon_Overacker

Congratulations Lon, your very helpful and insightful comments have been a valuable part of the NPN experience for me. You have already been doing a great job of helping to set a welcoming and constructive tone in the landscape forums, and will make a fine moderator.

Thanks @Kah-Kit_Yoong and great to have @Lon_Overacker representing old-school CANP. :grinning:

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Many congrats Lon! A superb choice, David.

Thank you @Kah-Kit_Yoong for your excellent tenure as moderator. Thank you @Lon_Overacker for stepping into the role.

Welcome Lon! You’ve been a great Moderator in the past and I know you’ll be a great one again. Congrats!

Welcome Lon, looking forward to new innings!

Thank you @David_Kingham and everyone for the kind words and welcome!!!

NPN has always been and continues to be a great community of photographers. It’s been a pleasure meeting and making new friends.

@Kah-Kit_Yoong, You became a moderator back during my first go’round! Thank you for your contributions to the community and your longevity! We all hope you continue dropping in and posting some wonderful images.

Thanks all! I’m looking forward to helping the new NPN grow and prosper!


Thanks for stepping up and being here. Start asking for more money now.

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Thank you everyone for the kind words. I’m looking forward to seeing where @David_Kingham brings the new NPN and we already know what a great asset @Lon_Overacker is!


I have said this a few times but I couldn’t say it enough that this is a great place to be. And one of the reasons that this place is so great because we have a great team of moderators. Thanks for stepping up, @Lon_Overacker! You are a great addition to the team. I am excited to see NPN’s growth!


Congrats, @Lon_Overacker!

Thank you for doing this job! And congratulations.

Thank you @Kah-Kit_Yoong for all of your hard work and welcome @Lon_Overacker!

Many thanks to @Kah-Kit_Yoong, even we my short time on the comunity i belive that part of this site being what it is (a good site and comunity) is part due to is contribution.
And welcome @Lon_Overacker and a thank you too for your insights and very constructive criticism.


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