This was from my neighbor’s yard. I was struck by the delicate colors and overlapping petals from 3 flowers. There was a breeze so I had to use a fairly high shutter speed and iso.

Specific Feedback Requested

any … The crop is fairly tight to remove some clutter. Does it need more room to breathe?

Technical Details

f/13, 1/320 s, iso1250 , Tamron 70-300 @ 155mm . Processed in LR, Ps, Denoise AI


Richard, this is a beautiful capture. I love the close up and flow of the leaves, and I wouldn’t go any wider or taller or give it more room to breathe, in my opinion.

I agree - the composition here is excellent, with stalk, petals and leaf flowing in harmony to the right. I bet there was a great scent too!

Thank you Roberta and Mike

The color is so smooth and soft. Very nice!

Thank you Bob

Gorgeous, with lovely composition, colors and tonalities. For me, such a beautiful bloom is more pleasing with more breathing room than you have left here, but just my opinion.

Diane, thanks for the kind words. I had the feeling that the crop was a little to tight.

Hi Richard - I agree with the other comments about this being a lovely portrait of this elegant bloom. I think a slightly wider crop on the top and right would feel a little better in terms of breathing room, if you can do it while still minimizing the clutter you mentioned in your post. One other tiny comment… I think you could desaturate the greens a tiny bit so they compete a bit less with the flower itself.

Sarah, thank you for your much appreciated feedback

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