Pocket mirror.



Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Yet another view of White Pocket AZ.

Specific Feedback

Seeking any and all advice and comments. Thanks in advance.

Please view the large image!

Technical Details

Canon R7, 1/30 s, f/8, ISO 100, EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5 @ 10 mm, CPL.
Raw file processed in LRClassic and Topaz Photo AI. TK resize/sharpening for web.

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You’ve had an amazing run of these images Ron, and this is another stunner. I love that composition and how it flows.

The only thing that seems odd to me is that the reflection is so dark. With how lit up the rock face is in the background I would expect the same in the reflection, yet it’s almost the opposite.

You def have composition down, and the soft contrast between highlights and shadow are lovely. But I agree with John, since the highlights in the rocks are reflected in the water, I would bring up the reflection of the rocks and the sky in puddle.

It’s obvious that you took great care in crafting this composition, Ronald. It would have been easy to let the reflection of the peaks merge with the surrounding rock, but you didn’t do that. Beautiful photo, lovely colors…this is a real banger.

This may be the best of your pool images so far. The composition is more complex I think. Nice image. Those striations are wonderful.

Ronald, I can’t add anything to what the others have said, so I’ll just sit here and enjoy the wonderful scene. Awesome.

Thank you @John_Williams, @lorretta, @Bret_Edge, @Igor_Doncov and @David_Bostock for you positive comments. I’ve posted a revised version with a brighter pool reflection.

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Interesting how my eye traverses this scene. First drawn to the bright mountain, then flowing down the upper striations to the pool and reflection, and then exploring all the textures around the pool, then realizing that the peak and its abutment have wonderful striations also. Cool trip !