Polar Express


Winter around here is just a gray dull season so if Chrissy and I want some winter we have to go find it. We indulged ourselves with a Christmas train ride on The Canadian in 2017. This was taken from one of the dome cars somewhere west of Jasper.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Sony A77II
Sony DT 55-200 @ 85mm
ISO 800, 1/125 @ f8


@Bill_Fach , I really like the leading lines here. Very nice image!

I really like this one, Bill. Firstly, images taken on/from a passenger train are just plain fun, and the beautiful snow takes the image over the top. Nicely done.

Very nice, Bill. When I went through the thumbnails of the new posts, this one stood out and that already means something.
What I really like in an image is timelessness and although the dome cars would make it possible to put a date on this, I think the train has this quality. I also like how the trees are just hints of their forms, which gives the image also a painterly quality. Maybe I would even go do far as to emphasize this even more with maybe an oil painting filter (as the filters in Topaz Studio).
And since there is hardly any color in the photograph, why not try it in monochrome with maybe a selenium toning? Just an idea to play with. Otherwise I very much like it the way it is already. Beautiful, Bill, just beautiful.

I really like the unique perspective here, Bill. I’ve been into photographing trains lately and really appreciate the way you caught this going ‘round the bend! The snowy landscape is icing on the cake. It must have been a fantastic trip riding through such beauty.

Bill, this is a fine look from a great location at this snowy landscape. There’s a green cast that I expect is the trees reflected off the snow and the metal train cars. It probably would look good in b&w also, with a nice “old timey” feeling.

This is a nice winter train scene, Bill! It has lots of snow and the train with tracks gives it a lot of perspective depth. The only thing that I would change would be the overwhelming green cast. Spruce trees in the winter tend to look more black than green plus even the snow in this scene looks green!

Nice composition Bill. Lots of depth and the leading lines work well. As some of the others mentioned, I would try to tone down the green colour cast. Also, It would have been nice to see a bit more detail in the far distance. I’m not sure it would work but maybe try bringing down the highlights in that bright area. Love the overall colour scheme of green and white.