Potomac at Sunset Overlooking Virginia side of the River

This is the sunset view which is normal colors this time of the year. Deep orange, red and yellows. I did lighten up the foreground and raised hue/saturation on the “selected” foreground. Used 1/160 shutter to see if I could collect all colors of the evening sun.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5dr-s with 24x70 lens at f-22, 1/160 and ISO of 1250 with tripod.


The colors are phenomenal and that’s probably why you shot this image. One of the processing issues is that the tree is darker below the horizon than above the horizon (and redder). I suspect that the processing that was done to the sky affected the branches as well.

The colors in the sky and the water do look great, that is certainly a killer sunset glow. Given what you had to work with, I think the dead center placement of the trees works well, partly because the color is distributed uniformly across the sky. My suggestion would be to slightly darken and reduce saturation in the foreground grass. The light on the grass seems slightly inconsistent with the tree being silhouette.

I agree with Ed about the foreground grass. A beautiful image. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks everyone . I did very little to the sunset itself but like you, had problems with the foreground or grass. My light was from behind the tree and because the grass area was mowed down this Summer, it had a very unpleasing appearance to me , so I used the quick selection tool and adjusted color and saturation which accentuated the stub broom sedge , perhaps too much. Remember, the sun sets over the river is very intense.

Re-Post to address the above mentioned improvements, I believe the re-post improves the photo.