Purple Mushroom

I was quite surprised to notice this purple mushroom during my weekend walk in the woods, never having seen a purple mushroom before. A bit of internet searching suggests that this is probably Cortinarius iodes, commonly called the spotted cort or viscid violet cort. This is a 23 shot stack. (5D3, 180 mm macro, 1/10 s, f/10, iso 800, tripod)

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Wow, a purple mushroom. I have never seen or heard of one before. Great job capturing it, Mark. Another down on the ground for you, I’m sure. Thanks for searching it and sharing the info on it as well.

Mark: Could eating one of these put one in a purple haze :wink:? Great find and a superb presentation. >=))>

Could it be a Blewit?

Hi Mark, very nice image of this intriguing mushroom. The color is striking and I also like the inclusion of the curled up leaf in upper left. well done.

Gorgeous, and perfect for a stack. Wonderful color, texture and setting. I’ve never seen one either – I think I would have been afraid I had wandered into Wonderland.

First time I have seen one like that Mark, The stacking did very well here.