Quiet Location

I was going to call this “Generic”, because I don’t think this photo shouts the specific place. I just couldn’t do it though. :slight_smile:

We were coming back from the ice cave at Castner Glacier south of Delta Junction, Alaska. I wanted to capture the look of the area surrounded by mountains covered in snow. I thought it was beautiful, although the light I was hoping for was mostly faded when we got to the spot. When I saw the frame in the back of the camera, it just seemed like a wall hanging. I think I am still kind of fascinated by something about this that feels different than most of my images.

The trees do provide some contrast, so hopefully it’s not too much for the category.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any. I feel like now I wish I had a little more of the plain snow at the bottom, but I think the nearer foreground was not clean, if I recall correctly. It had been a week since they had fresh snow. I decided to crop these more in a pano format because I think it works better with the amount of white snow I had at the bottom.

The first image is color. It photographed very blue, which I tried to tone down. The second image is black and white. Do you have a preference?

Technical Details

Sony A7C, ISO 100, 1/200s, f/10, 84mm

I worked on the heavy blue color cast, and I had to remove my usual dust spots. I may have cleaned up some foreground spots (i.e. from dead plants), but I can’t recall for sure. Cropped, and I tried to accent the light on the mountain a little - what little was left.

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Karla, both versions are nicely graphic. I find myself slightly preferring the extra brightness in the sky and on the distant peak. The b&w version feels like a “line drawing” with the sloping lines in the mountains contrasting with the verticals of the trees.

Wonderful scene, Karla. I like both versions so it’s hard to choose. They’re both very good, high-key images. They would look great as a nice large print.

@Mark_Seaver and @David_Bostock - Thanks for your comments.