Rainy Day at Reynisfjara


Description: I only had one day to photograph Reynisfjara while we were in Iceland and there was continuous drizzle. I took a number of shots, madly cleaning my lens between shots. Still, I thought the scene was compelling and conveys the cold, windy, overcast conditions so typical of Iceland

Specific Feedback Requested: any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: f/11, 1/125, iso 100 at 17mm

Beautiful work, Richard. You are really excelling lately.

Richard, the scene is very dramatic. That isolated rock and the details in the swash stand out against the misty cliffs in the distance. I do think that moving the rock closer to the frame would look good also.

David, thank you for the kind word. Coming from you it means a lot

@Mark_Seaver, thanks for your helpful comment.