Early morning on a ranch in northwestern Wyoming.

D810, 70-200mm

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Very nice pastoral scene, Harley. The tones look very good, and the composition is nicely balanced. You did a nice job with this.

A nice slice of the American west… Nice comp with the hilly ridges rolling away.

Harley, I’m really liking the downhill left side to right side flow of this scene. It was the first impact on me. A bit diagonal in the respect. Secondly was the majestic “open range” of the view. One could be envious of those who live in this immediate locale.
Excellent work as always with the overall processing too…:+1:


This is one heck of a landscape image! I’d go so far as to say outstanding! Paul’s description was my first impression as well - although my eye went from the group of trees at the LRC and followed the tree line, gully and ridges up and to the left and then naturally following the diagonal up and to the right. The eye just flows so naturally letting me explore the landscape corner to corner. I’ll even mention the fence lines that run diagonally opposed to the landscape. (So glad now that the “hand of man” is no longer a restraint; the fence line is just a small element, but yet such a great element as part of the overall story of this.

I’m really loving this one. Processing excellent. No suggestions.


Beautiful capture Harley! Love the composition, shadows, light, dof, and pov. Very Western for sure. Just waiting for the wagon train to show up.

Harley, you combined two of my favorite things, B&W images and classic scenes from the west. I love the angles on this one. What a place to sit and let your eyes roam over the pastures and beyond. I have no nits…well seen and processed!

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Harley, a classic scene of the West, beautifully rendered in B&W. You couldn’t have asked for a more pleasing distribution of the trees throughout the scene, there is such a nice sense of balance in your composition.

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Really lovely. This is my kind of lamdscape. I was drawn first to the small swaths of more silvery grass and those narrow, long shadows of the trees. It all works really well for me. If pressed to find something to suggest, it would be to play with the right edge half way up where that one tree is sticking to the end kf the frame. My inclination there would be to clone it out somyou don’t have to crop off and lose space and some nice rocks and light along that side.

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