Ridgeline Trees

This is kind of a cloudscape from Yellowstone NP.

D810, 70-200mm

Comments, suggestions or critiques are always welcome.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

That light is pretty cool, Harley. Would be interesting to have seen it on the far side of the rise. Looks like virga - is that what it is?

Very cool sky! I like that the clouds seem to swirl and the light is interesting. If anything, I think cropping the left side it so that the stand of trees are right in the center would help the photo be a bit more balanced. It’s a bit heavy to the left side for me.

Really great sky and clouds! I would like to see some of the right side darker clouds cropped out since the foreground is already a silhouette. I think that would give the image more of a balance between light and dark.

I hadn’t thought of a right crop like David mentioned. I think that would work great, too.

Man, you did some serious driving.

This is some beautiful light and the silhouetted trees make for a nice focal point. Overall processing looks good but agree with the crop the right side suggestion. I think that reducing the negative space and bring the trees more off center would create better balance and a stronger composition.

Harley, I really like the warm/cool and light/dark balance of the sky. The light is gorgeous, and the processing looks great.

I think the framing works nicely as it is.

Harley, some nice light here overall. I like the scene as it is presented. The transition in the sky between the light and dark clouds provides thoughts of a weather front or transition as well. The small group of trees does provide a bit of center focus for our eyes as part of this minimalist landscape…:sunglasses:

Works beautifully for me as presented Harley. Gorgeous sky and dynamic light - but it’s the detailed tree line that really makes the statement. No nits or suggestions from me.